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Your First Horse Riding Lesson: What to Expect

If you are about to embark on your first horse riding lesson, there are a few things you will need to be aware of before you get going. Horse riding involves more than just mounting a horse and leading him. In order to benefit fully from your first horse riding lesson, you will need to equip yourself with knowledge about horse riding.

Mount the horse on the left hand side

Horses have traditionally been mounted from the left hand side for centuries. While many are now also trained to accept riders from the “wrong side” (the right side) that does not mean to say that the horse you are going to ride will appreciate being mounted from the right hand side. Your horse may be so used to having people mount him from the left that he may become frightened and hurt you if you do not meet his expectations.

Maintain an upright posture

If you have ever watched a professional horse show you will know that they maintain an upright posture. This is the way all riders, whether amateur or professional, should ride a horse. So when you turn up for your first horse riding lesson, keep your posture upright. It will put less pressure on the horse’s back and make the experience more enjoyable for you. However, if you will be walking up a hill, then it is best to lean forward. As you descend the hill, lean back. This will help to make the horse’s job a lot easier.

Dress appropriately

Like any other type of sport, horse riding requires a certain dress code. Not everyone will have riding boots and a pair of jodhpurs in their wardrobe, but what you can do is to wear a good pair of jeans. Most stables will allow you to borrow a pair of riding boots upon arrival. If not, wear a comfortable pair of boots that will allow you to mount and dismount the horse easily.

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