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How Much Do Horses Cost?

Earlier, owning a horse was considered to be a sign of wealth and status. A shiny black or white horse with its smooth skin and long legs can surely garner a lot of attention and pride to its owner. Many people secretly cherish an ambition to own a horse, but shy away due …

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Common Horse Health Problems

Among all the tall animals, horse is one of the most elegant ones! Horses are said to be a symbol of power, grace, beauty, freedom, nobility and strength. But all of these adjectives are true and not an exaggeration. The same horse facts also make them popular among pet lovers. Horses are of …

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Cushing’s Disease in Horses (Equine Cushing’s Disease)

In 1912, Dr.Harvey Cushing discovered this disease and hence the name. Cushing’s disease can be found in dogs, horses and even humans. Equine Cushing’s disease refers to Cushing’s disease in horses. These days this disease is also referred as “Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction.” Causes of Cushing’s Disease in Horses The pituitary gland, located close to …

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Spring Tips For Your Horses

The key to being ready for summer, is starting in the spring. Warm weather brings out nice green grass where there was yucky brown mud (or worse, layers of snow!), sleek shiny horses where there was big fuzzy teddy bears and t-shirts and caps where there were heavy coats and 3 layers of …

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The Thoroughbred Horse Breed

Be it racing, dressage, hunting, jumping or all-around pleasure horse, the thoroughbred is a remarkable breed. Basically developed over the past three hundred years to serve man’s passion for racing, the noble Thoroughbred is known for speed, stamina and heart. The Thoroughbred stands a little over sixteen hands (one hand equals four inches) …

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The Paso Fino Horse Breed

Beautifully constructed, strong, and powerful, the Paso Fino came to the Spanish-speaking new world around 500 years ago, combining the blood of the Andalusian, the Barb and the Spanish Jennet (now extinct). Discovered by American soldiers in post-WWII Puerto Rico, its popularity quickly spread in the US and Canada. The Paso Fino is …

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