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Creating An Equine First Aid Kit

These are great purposes to have an equine first aid kit and if you don’t have one created, you should probably make sure that you’re making one up and including a few of the following proposed items.

Dressings and Gauze

You want to be sure that all your equine first aid kits already have dressing and gauze in them. For those who are looking at what to buy, be sure that there are dressings of all various sizes, gauzes of different sizes, and tape so that you can hold the bandage down that you are putting on. It is a really good concept to have these because it might help stop the animal from having much more blood loss rather than you would like them to and get it bandaged up immediately.

Disinfecting Equipment

You will also want to make certain you have disinfecting supplies to enable you to clean out a wound before you bandage it off or wipe anything off. A great idea for this is to buy iodine wipes, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, wound wash solution, and a lot more. You can acquire these in a wipe form or perhaps you could have them in a solution that you may put on the wound and wash it using a swab or perhaps spray it on. These are really important things to have inside your first aid kit that you are creating.

Blood Stop

Whether your horse cuts a hoof, comes with a problem with their eye, catches themselves on the fence, or even no matter it may be, you want blood to stop. Blood stop is great because you will certainly place it on an injury and it will help the blood to coagulate and to be sure that you are preventing the bleeding so that you aren’t trying to end bleeding by employing pressure. You will appreciate how amazing blood stop is and how much of a tool that it can be for you, make certain you are comprising this inside your equine first aid kit.

Other Important Items

You need to be sure that you are including all the little things that you require. Make sure that you have things like a thermometer, scissors, forceps, and all the small equipment that you’re going to need if something were to happen to your own animal and they were to get injured. It’s extremely vital to have a first aid kit that is going to work well for you and that is going to have the equipment that you must have so if something happens you get it taken care of immediately.

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