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3 Great Gift Ideas for Horse Riding Instructors

Fun, Practical and Unique Gift Ideas for Riding Instructors

You may be a just a casual horse rider that takes one lesson a week or someone who spends everyday horse riding. In most cases you will have a riding instructor who has helped you progress, provided support and helped make your horse riding experience more enjoyable. So why not thank your riding instructor with a gift. Here you will discover the top ten gifts riding instructors.

1. Appointment Book

Your riding instructor’s time is limited and they will have to keep track of various appointments and lesson schedules so why not give them a gift of an appointment book? This is a gift that comes is many styles and price ranges. You many want to get something more specialised like a leather bound horse themed book, check tack shops as they are most likely to have this kind of book. Or you could go for something simple which will probably be less expensive and easier to find. Appointment books are sold in most places that carry stationary supplies.

2. Food and Drink Cooler

Riding instructors spend a lot of time in the ring teaching and usually have little time for anything else during their day. Consider a food and drink cooler as a gift for your riding instructor. Here they can keep a couple of drinks and snacks that will keep them going throughout the day. When you are picking out a cooler look for something that is easy to carry, probably a soft cooler with a shoulder strap would work best.

3. Things to keep warm

If you live in a location where the winter is cold just imagine standing in an indoor riding ring all day during January without much chance to go inside and warm up. One of the top gifts to give your riding instructor are items that will keep them warm. Look for items made of fleece, as it is lightweight and flexible, something your riding instructor will need. Popular fleece items that you can find in most clothing stores are gloves, hats, ear warmers and neck warms. Avoid scarves, as they can be dangerous in a horse environment. This is another top gift for riding instructors that is reasonably priced.

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